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S3E29 Gen Con 2023 – Evil Genius Games Interview

At Gen Con 2023 we interviewed Dave Scott, owner of Evil Genius Games, and several of his compatriots  about their new Everyday Heroes role-playing game.  The game updates d20 Modern – the modern rules game released in tandem with D&D 3rd Edition – to 5th Edition rules. The update was done in collaboration with Jeff Grubb, one of the original authors.

We talk about the evolution of the game, and how the new version preserves the best of d20 Modern, while updating other aspects for 5e. 

We geek out about the Evil Genius’s cinematic add-ons for the game:  The Crow, Escape from New York, Kong: Skull Island, Pacific Rim, the new-at-GenCon Highlander and Total Recall, and the just released Rambo and Universal Soldier.


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Cover art for Everyday Heroes. Credit: Evil Genius Games.

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