A person reaches toward the viewer, as another fires a blaster at a giant robot in the background in the cover art for Dreams and Machines Starter Kit by Modiphius

S3E22 Gen Con 2023 – Modiphius Interview

Chris Birch, co-founder of Modiphius Entertainment, joins us to talk about his company’s upcoming slate of games including the hopepunk scifi game Dreams and Machines and the Roman Empire-era Cohors Cthulhu (a prequel to their popular Achtung Cthulhu! role-playing game). We also discuss Modiphius’ Via Modiphius and other programs to foster and promote upcoming RPG

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A journal, a stack of books, and pencils represent everything you need to document your solo RPG experience.

Changing Gears: A Foray Into the World of Solo RPGs

I truly enjoy playing role-playing games. I truly enjoy running role-playing games. For the last decade, I’ve often found myself in the GM’s chair, crafting narratives and orchestrating encounters for my fellow gamers. As fun as this role can be, I’ve often missed being a player, navigating through the trials and tribulations of a carefully

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A rogue in a cloak, side-lit in reds and orange, emerges from black/gray shadows. From cover of the Blades in the Dark rulebook.

Blades in the Dark Playbooks

Before we played Scum & Villainy, even before starting the Lair of Secrets, we played Blades in the Dark. It’s an urban fantasy role-playing game centered on heists and inspired by the likes of Leverage, the Ocean’s movies, Peaky Blinders, Heat, and Reservoir Dogs. Like its successor games, in Blades in the Dark, player characters are documented using playbooks. The playbooks are like a

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