A journal, a stack of books, and a number of pencils.

Changing Gears: A Foray Into the World of Solo RPGs

I truly enjoy playing role-playing games. I truly enjoy running role-playing games. For the last decade, I’ve often found myself in the GM’s chair, crafting narratives and orchestrating encounters for my fellow gamers. As fun as this role can be, I’ve often missed being a player, navigating through the trials and tribulations of a carefully …

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Two cyberpunks stand in front of a dynamic neon city landscape.

Cyberpunk RED Role-Playing Game Resources

Cyberpunk RED – the fourth edition of R. Talsorian Games’ s signature role-playing game – inherited a rich history and loyal following from its predecessors. As Lair of Secrets geared up for its our Cyberpunk RED campaign, we went looking for – and found – a ton of links dedicated to advice, preparation, cartography, and battle maps. Have suggestions …

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A screen shot of a virtual table top, including a dice rolling tray, a battle map with cyberpunk-themed icons, and a yellow sticky note that says All of the spilled money is here

Review: Owlbear Rodeo

Owlbear Rodeo is a straightforward virtual tabletop (VTT) for role-playing games. A low-frills alternative to VTTs like Roll20 and Foundry, the web application is designed to have you up and running in minutes. A new version, Owlbear Rodeo 2.0, is currently in beta; for this review, we’re looking at the original application. Unlike other tabletops, where …

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A green and white tackle box re-tasked for use as a game master toolbox. It includes a number of card decks in its top compartment. The center section includes a Savage Worlds rulebook and plastic trays.

S3E9 The Game Master’s Toolbox

The Game Master’s Toolbox – a physical tool for organizing your gaming supplies – is the focus of this episode of Radio Active. Before delving into our repurposed Plano boxes though, we explore the St. Louis Science Center and take an extensive detour through the Game Room to talk about the Atari VCS, Portal Companion Edition, gaming at work, and consider the benefits of a gamer journal. We also geek out about the new Willow streaming series on Disney+.