A screenshot of the Mechanic playbook for Scum & Villainy

Scum & Villainy Playbooks

Scum & Villainy, like other Forged in the Dark games (Blades in the Dark, Band of Blades) uses playbooks to describe and track what your character can do. These are like traditional character sheets in Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games, but typically include the defined list of abilities your characters can use, as well as the skills they’ve mastered.

Looking for Blades in the Dark playbooks? Check out our playbooks post for that game.

During our Scum & Villainy actual play campaign, we leveraged Google Sheets-based playbooks for our characters and starship:

There’s a Reddit support thread for these playbooks, where you can report issues and ask questions. The Google Sheets version worked great for our online campaign because we could easily see each others sheets and the status of our ship.

If you prefer pen-and-paper, Evil Hat’s official Scum and Villainy page includes a downloadable PDF including a one-page summary of the rules and printable-versions of the various playbooks

Fan-created Scum & Villainy Playbooks

  • The Operative (character) – “inspired by science fiction scoundrels fleeing from their mysterious pasts, and rogues who lie about what they are but who always seem to have the right tool for the job.”
  • The Mastodon (ship) – “a salvager ship incapable of landing on planets and lacks a jump drive creating unique situations for your crew. What it lacks in speed it makes up for in size and shear mass being one of the larger starter ships in the game. “

Other Resources

We’re always looking to add to our Scum & Villainy resources, so if you know of one, leave a comment or email us at podcast@lairofsecrets.com.

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A screenshot of the Google Sheets-based playbook for the Mechanic.

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