Overland Exploration in D&D, fearing a woman in the outdoors, getting ready to pull back the hood of her cloak.

Overland Exploration in D&D – Campaigns and Coffee

In this thrilling episode of Campaigns and Coffee, David and Ken delve into Ken’s epic Elemental Apocalypse D&D campaign. The heroes are on a quest to reunite a fallen angel with its lost sun sword amidst a world torn apart by elemental forces. Ken shares his creative process, discussing map-making with Incarnate, integrating skill challenges […]

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The text "Unboxing Dragonbane" over a photo of one of the game's assassin mallards and green dice.

Unboxing Dragonbane

Pit wizards, warriors, and mallard assassins (yes, duck people) against dragons and other monsters with Dragonbane, Free League’s update of the classic Swedish role-playing game Drakar och Demoner. In this unboxing, we walk through the Dragonbane boxed set, which features the full game, an adventure book, dice, standees, and even a solo one-shot. Chapters 0:00

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Cyberpunk roller bladders taking part in a RocketBlade tournament race in Night City, part of our Cyberpunk RED campaign.

S3E30 Cyberpunk RED Chapter 5: Downtime and the Living is Easy

The edgerunners finished their latest big gig, securing black box tech for the Maker Enclave and surviving an encounter with a Zetatech “negotiation response team”. With the run complete, they’re looking for some much needed downtime. In Chapter 5 of our Cyberpunk RED actual play podcast, we try out the games downtime rules, which allow

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A person reaches toward the viewer, as another fires a blaster at a giant robot in the background in the cover art for Dreams and Machines Starter Kit by Modiphius

S3E22 Gen Con 2023 – Modiphius Interview

Chris Birch, co-founder of Modiphius Entertainment, joins us to talk about his company’s upcoming slate of games including the hopepunk scifi game Dreams and Machines and the Roman Empire-era Cohors Cthulhu (a prequel to their popular Achtung Cthulhu! role-playing game). We also discuss Modiphius’ Via Modiphius and other programs to foster and promote upcoming RPG

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