Covers for Mothership, Mutant Crawl Classics, and Gaslands Refueled, three of the games that we'll be running at MEPACON Fall 2023

Lair Events at MEPACon Fall 2023

The Lair of Secrets – or more specifically, me! – will be running events at MEPACon Fall 2023. The convention runs October 20-22, 2023 at the SureStay Plus Hotel in Bethlehem, Pa. Bethlehem is located in the eastern part of the state, in the Lehigh Valley – it’s about 90 minutes west of New York City and 90 minutes north of Philadelphia.

MEPACon is a small regional convention – usually a few hundred people (though it’s hard for me to tell just how many since its spread throughout the hotel).

I have three events planned:

  • The Emerald Place (Mothership)
  • Welcome to the Burning Road (Gaslands Refueled)
  • Beyond the Funnel (Mutant Crawl Classics)

I’ll be there for the whole convention; I’m not sure what games I’ll be playing, but I’ll post and update once I know. To learn mroe about MEPACon, visit their website, check out their Facebook page, or join their Discord server.

Lair of Secrets Events

The Emerald Palace (Mothership 1E)

15 miles below the surface of Europa floats Ocean Observer 4, known to its residents as the Emerald Palace. The research station floats in the world-spanning ocean of the Jovian moon researching the myriad life forms below the ice pack.

For years, they found nothing large that small multi-cell organisms, leading people and governments to lose interest in the facility and its mission. Without scifi fueled visions of sea dragons and sentient fishpeople, the discovery of extraterrestrial life seemed … boring.

Unfortunately for the crew of the Emerald Place, things are about to get a lot more interesting. The corporate submarine Tantalus is en route, comms dead and AI silent. The last message from them before communications died?

“We found something. We have casualties. Prep the secure biolab”.

An introductory module for Mothership 1E, a rules-lite scifi horror RPG.

Welcome to the Burning Road (Gaslands Refueled)

Learn how to play Gaslands Refueled, a Death Race-style miniatures game featuring weaponized Matchbox cars battling for tabletop supremacy.

Beyond the Funnel (Mutant Crawl Classics)

It’s been five years since you and your friends ventured into the murderous Hackthorn Wastes. Five years since most of those friends died. Five years since those of who didn’t die came back … changed.

In all that time, you’ve learned more about yourselves and your abilities. Others – too few – ventured out into those same Wastes for their own trials, returning stronger … and stranger.

Each of you has a different memory of the Funnel, that enormous Ancient artifact located deep in the Wastes. Some say it once called to the stars. Others say it drew the evil of the world to it, in a vain effort to purify broken lands and restore the Wastes.

Now though, a terrible sickness has come to your village. The healers say a cure lies in the highlands beyond the Funnel, a place no one has visited in generations. They say if anyone can survive the trip, it will be you and your friends. They say a lot of things … but they aren’t the ones going.

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