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Our Savage Worlds Actual Play campaign is Sundered Horizons: Navigating the Nexus. It’s our current Side Passage – the game we play when our main campaign (currently Cyberpunk RED) can’t be run for some reason.


Cast of Characters

Alaric Lockwood (Chris Miller)

Alaric is a renowned explorer and cartographer for the Empire before the Sundering. His last expedition was to chart the unexplored northern wilderness, a dangerous and wild territory known for its treacherous terrain and hostile creatures.

Lilliana Sitrling (Erin Moore)

Lilliana is an esteemed scholar of arcane biology, dedicating her life to the study of magical creatures and their adaptations to various environments. She has spent years documenting and categorizing unique flora and fauna across the Empire. She was in the midst of a multi-year expedition in the Wildlands, studying its ecosystem, when she was unexpectedly called back to the Sovralia Federation.

Orin “Rusty” Cogsley (Ken Newquist)

Orin, known to his friends as “Rusty,” is a former machinist turned adventuring tinkerer. He is known throughout the Sovralia Federation for his skills as a master engineer and inventor. His innovative designs and constructs, merging magic with technology, are highly sought after. His signature creation, the Ether-Infused Automaton, brought him fame and recognition within the Federation. He is currently working on his most ambitious project yet, a machine designed to harness ambient magical energies to power the Federation’s growing cities.

Thaddeus “Thad” Hargrave (Josh Starr)

A wealthy industrialist whose fortune was made in the mining industry. Thad funded the original portal experiment in the hope of finding new resource-rich lands.

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