A hero holds a powerful light aloft

S2E7 Godsend Agenda

Alien gods walk among us. To further their agenda, we’ve jumped forward in time to praise their machinations … and promote the new edition of Godsend Agenda, now on Kickstarter.

  • Introductions
    • Today we’ve got a guest, coming all the way from Las Vegas, Nevada, Jerry Grayson.
    • He’s a friend and here to talk about his latest Kickstarter project: The new edition of Godsend Agenda, a game of super heroes and the conspiracy of aliens who pose as deities.
  • Campaigns inspired by myth and conspiracy?
  • Tell us about Godsend Agenda. What is it?
  • What was your inspiration for the setting?
    • Being able truly shape the world.
    • Use superpowers to improve the world; characters operate at a saga level as well as at a higher, more meta level with a character that personifies their agenda.
  • Powered by the Omega System
    • Uses 2d10, with doubles that explode.
    • This lets you have exceptional, superheroic results.
    • Distilled skill system.
  • How did you get into game design?
  • What advice would you give someone getting into game design?
    • Make a lot of bad games.
    • Don’t try to make a game for everyone.
    • Go hard on whatever it is that you’re interested in.
    • Feeds your soul to make a thing, even if it’s a bad thing.
  • Distribution Plans with Kickstarter and Covid
    • Focuses on meat and potatoes – core product, no stretch goals.
    • Get the product done ahead of time, so folks know that there actually is a thing
  • Where to find Jerry?


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Cover art for the Godsend Agenda.

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