Spider-man, Mary Jane, and Dr. Strange prepare to face villainous opponents

S2E4 Role-Playing Adventure Prep – fixed audio

Adventure prep for role-playing games is the main topic of this episode of The Lair of Secrets podcast. We discuss the dangers of too much prep vs. too little prep, and seek the Goldilocks prep time in between. After tackling individual adventures, we discuss prepping for a new campaign and tools to help with that. Finally, we apply what we’ve been discussing to our upcoming Scum and Villainy campaign.

But it’s not all adventure prep! Also in this episode, Ken turns 50 (thus catching up with David) and David’s feeling remarkably relaxed thanks to an enoyable holiday break. Geeky topics we discuss include swinging back into the Spider-verse, playing Red-Dead Redemption and Icarus, watching Matrix: Resurrections, catching up on Star Trek, and debating the merits of hand-drawn maps vs. computer generated ones.

Main Topic: Role-Playing Game Prep

  • Game preparation
    • Start at the campaign level, or the session level?
    • Thinking about characters and NPCs
  • Preparing for a game session
  • Preparing for a new campaign
    • Campaign background helps make for shorter session prep
    • Tools
      • Campaign Binder
      • Pinterest
  • Prepping for Scum and Villainy


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Poster art for Spider-man: No Way Home.

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