Gore and Lore in Fallout – Campaigns & Coffee

Fallout – the post-apocalyptic game set in an alternate, atomic-powered reality – kicks off our new Campaigns & Coffee short-format podcast.

With the sound of laughter echoing through the vast caverns of the Lair, we talk about the new streaming series on Amazon Prime, the video games that inspired it, and the session zero for our upcoming Fallout RPG campaign.

To start things off, we look at how the gore-filled kill shots of Fallout 4 and the deep story lore of the video games manifest in the streaming series. While avoiding spoilers, we get into what we loved about the new series, including its use of gore for shock value and it’s enjoyable storytelling. As mutant hounds howled in the background (no doubt drawn by our semi-maniacal laughter), we transition to talking about Modiphius’ Fallout role-playing game.

Using review copies provided by Modiphius, we look at the game’s mechanics, the joy of character creation, and how to balance the grit and humor that defines Fallout game play. We get into the specifics of the Fallout 2d20 system, like the use of S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats, perks, and the dice mechanics that make the Fallout RPG a faithful translation of the video game experience into a tabletop format.


  • 0:00 – Intro: Diving Into Fallout’s Universe
  • 1:10 – Fallout TV Show Review and Impressions
  • 3:38 – Transition to Fallout RPG Gameplay
  • 7:58 – Deep Dive into RPG Mechanics and Character Creation
  • 14:58 – GM Techniques and Gameplay Strategy
  • 19:48 – Insights and Challenges from Session Zero
  • 24:43 – Building a Formidable and Sustainable Empire
  • 29:12 – Outro

Show Notes

  • Fallout TV Show Discussion
    • General impressions and impact on desire to engage with the game
    • Comparison of violence and gore levels between the TV show, Fallout 4, and other media
    • How the TV show balances violence with storytelling
  • Transition to Fallout RPG
    • Motivations for playing the RPG based on the TV show depiction
    • Initial reactions and comparisons to video game elements
  • RPG Mechanics Deep Dive
    • Detailed exploration of character creation
    • Discussion on RPG stats and perks
    • Adjusting from video game mechanics to tabletop RPG mechanics
  • Game Mastering Techniques
    • Strategies for introducing combat and maintaining game pacing
    • Use of radroaches as beginner adversaries
  • Character Building and Session Insights
    • Experiences from the group’s session zero
    • Challenges faced and lessons learned during character creation and early game play
  • Looking Ahead
    • Introduction of new characters and potential plot developments
  • Overlord Strategy Discussion
    • Considerations for building a formidable and sustainable empire in the game world


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