A view of a ruined, post apocalyptic city. A man and his German Shepherd dog walk toward the light in this Fallout 2d20 cover art for Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland.

Fallout 2d20 Campaign RPG Resources

Welcome to the Lair of SecretsVault 71, which we totally didn’t forget about for 200 years and then opened up to see if anyone inside was still alive.

Designed to protect people from radioactive fallout and rampaging mutant attacks for centuries, the Vault had the side benefit of seeing what happens to humans who play RPGs nonstop for generations.

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– The Overlords

Fallout 2d2 Core Rules and Expansions

The Fallout 2d20 RPG launched in March 31, 2021 and is completely separate from its mutated companion product line, the Fallout Wasteland Warfare RPG.

Expansions for the game include the Settler’s Guide Book (build and expand settlements, add companions, build robots, and bring out the really big guns) and the Wanderer’s Guide Book (more origins, expanded scavenging rules, vehicles, a bunch of new perks, and rules for creating even more horrific enemies). There’s also the Winter of Atom, campaign book, which takes place before Fallout 4 and pits you against the Children of the Atom in the frozen environs of the Commonwealth.

Official Fallout Communities

  • Modiphius Fallout 2d20 Homepage – The official homepage for scratching that atomic post-apocalyptic itch (if the rash persists, see your favorite never-dying ghoul doctor for some skin cream). Blog updates, downloads, and – of course – links to buy things.
  • Modiphius Games: Fallout – If you’re headed into the Wasteland, you’re going to need a character sheet. Also, errata. You can get both here.
  • Modiphius Official Discord – Most people in irradiated America would sooner shoot you in the face than talk to you. The official Discord server flips that dynamic. Channels for new product, rules queries, fan art, and general Fallout conversation.

Fan Communities

  • Fallout RPG on Facebook – Speaking of toxic wastelands, Fallout has a community group on Facebook. Unlike your last conversation with your conspiracy-minded second cousin, this forum’s actually helpful.
  • Reddit: Fallout – Just 6,000 of your closest friends talking about the apocalypse.


  • Independent Fallout Wiki – Like a stash of infinite caps … if caps represented knowledge. A fork of the earlier Nukapedia, hosted at Fandom.com
  • Fallout 2d20 Home Brew List – The Fallout universe is about strapping things together with duct tape and using them to kill people (or maybe rebuild civilization, but mostly killing people). This home brew list carries that tradition forward with a staggering number of fan-created resources you can use to duct tape your own campaign together.


  • Modiphius Official FAQ and Errata Thread – Like a PipBoy who’s memory got overloaded, the official FAQ thread is jammed full of answers, even if it is an unwieldy mess.
  • Modiphius Fallout 2d20 Errata – Sometimes, you just need to kill a few trees and print the damn PDF. You can get the errata in downloadable PDF form from the Modiphius downloads page, and slaughter plant-based lifeforms to your heart’s content.
  • Fallout 2d20 Cheat Sheet – The Wasteland needs rules, like which arm gets blown off by a shotgun, how to stabilize someone from dying after getting their arm blown off, and how to use medicine to heal them before they bleed out. This cheat sheet has all these rules and more fall


  • Fallout Lorecast – A long-running – but currently vault-locked, offline – podcast documenting Fallout’s long history.
  • Rad Rolls Fallout Podcast – Multiple seasons of actual play podcasts as well as a dedicated stream for explaining the rules.
  • WarGamesNewsRadio – Dedicated to all things fallout, including the Fallout 2d20 RPG and Fallout Wasteland Warfare.
  • That Fallout Show – Stumbling back into the surface world after a long hiatus, That Fallout Show covers lore, news, game play, and mods.
  • Tapes From The Wastes – Reactions to the TV show, impressions of Fallout 76’s latest season (yes, someone apparently plays it), and deep dives into the twisted science legitimate social science of the Vaults.

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Cover art for Once Upon a Time in the Wasteland, an adventure for the Fallout 2d20 role-playing game. Credit: Modiphius.

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