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S1E11 Attack Surface, Penric’s Demon, Star Trek, Dinner Subscriptions, Cryptid Campaign Brainstorming

Welcome to the Lair of Secrets podcast, where David’s been tinkering in the dirigible hanger trying to get the old girl flying again, and Ken’s just beamed back from halfway across the galaxy. He’s fine. Mostly.

  • Library 67:
    • Attack Surface by Cory Doctorow
      • David’s in the middle of this book. Having a hard time connecting with the character. The descriptions of the security precautions and all of the ways that they can be overcome are both interesting and also breaks me out of the book.
      • Attack Surface on GoodReads
    • Penric’s Demon by Lois McMaster Bujold, started reading it.
      • I love her Miles Vorkosigan novels and saw that she had released this new book. Enjoying it so far. It’s about a boy who is on his way to be betrothed and comes upon an older woman dying. He goes to help her and her demon enters into him when she dies. In this world, those that have demons inside them are sorcerers.
      • Penric’s Demon on GoodReads
  • The Darkhouse
    • It’s like a greenhouse, but with no windows and it’s underground, no we don’t grow mushrooms there
    • David doesn’t have a lot to actually update this week due to the spores and his allergies to them. He was pretty useless for most of the week. He watched a lot of Netflix and Amazon Prime (Agents of ShieldWynonna Earp, and others that he doesn’t remember).
  • Stepping into the teleportation cube (of course we have one of those):
    • Star Trek: The Lower Decks is a fun take on how non-officers live and love in Star Fleet (and great inspiration for Guy). Features all your favorite Star Trek tropes, comically subverted (e.g. an episode about all of the lower deck crew padding their time estimates, another about the USS Cerritos’ “second contact” missions, the obligatory alien misunderstandings, etc.).
    • Star Trek: Discovery is settling down into a more traditional, episodic format (though retaining serial elements). Love the show’s optimism, even after the ship’s been thrown into the far future and the Federation has been crippled by a mysterious event known as “The Burn”.
  • The Grand Kitchen
    • Ken Signed up for one of those meal-kit subscriptions. Two meals a week, heavy on the protein.
    • Ken would like to cook more … but finding recipes, getting ingredients, and actually cooking defeated him.
    • Ken and his wife are super busy with the kids, work, and life, with none of us really having the time we want to prepare meals. This may help (and so should the kids…).
  • Brainstorming: Army Corps of Engineers

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Promotional artwork for Star Trek: The Lower Decks. Credit: Paramount.

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