A green and beige Plano tackle box, handle on top, retasked as a dungeon master / game master box. It features a NOT A MIMIC sticker on top.

Game Master Toolbox (aka the Box of Holding)

On Season 1, Episode 12, we discuss the idea of a game master toolbox … and the Plano tackle boxes that I use to organize my on-the-go game supplies like dice, wet-erase markers, templates, miniatures, and more. I call it my “box of holding” (in a nod to the classic Dungeons & Dragons magic item, the bag of holding) but in polling others online, the tool goes by a number of different names:

  • Dungeon Master Box
  • Dungeon Master Toolkit
  • Gamemaster Toolbox
  • Gamemaster Toolkit
  • The Bags
  • The Books
  • The Game Crate

Regardless of the name, they all serve a similar purpose:

  1. If I’m running a game at friend’s house, it ensures I have all of my essential gear with me .
  2. If I’m running a game at a convention, it helps focus what I needs to bring to the con and cuts down on extraneous gear.
  3. Home or away, they keep me organized.

I have two game master boxes:

Both come with modular storage trays that can be re-arranged to accommodate different-sized fiddly bits for games and are large enough to hold a few rulebooks for their respective games.


Looking for more inspiration about how to organize your gear? Check out these websites.

Savage Worlds Game Master Toolbox

The smaller of the two boxes is dedicated to Savage Worlds and is filled with tokens, templates, cards, and other tools acquired through the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition Kickstarter.

Dungeons & Dragons Game Master Toolbox

The Dungeons & Dragons box is larger so that it can accommodate the larger rule books. The larger storage cases are also nice for organizing dice, pens, minis, and other essentials. Photos credit: Ken Newquist.

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