S1E9 Memory Malfunctions, NaNoWriMo, Wondrous Zines, Middle School Hauntings, Comic Book Quandaries, Ready for Launch?

On this episode, David and Ken battle against ghosts, memories, and missing time in an effort to get out another podcast … and launch our first episode! (yes, time remains a bit wibbly wobbly in the Lair).

  • Pens keep on turning, turning, turning… into the future!
    • David turns his first pen. He needed to make a few jigs to prep the blanks and to assemble the pen
  • Preparing for Nanowrimo
    • David delves into his approach to National Novel Writing Month
  • Some Star Wars gaming
    • The pandemic canceled GenCon … but the Star Wars games must go on. David talks about his online gaming sessions in a galaxy far, far, away.
  • Phineas and Ferb movie:
  • Zine of Wondrous Power – Daniel Perez Issue 04 #RPGzine Now on Kickstarter
    • A Talmudic Bestiary – A collection of creatures from Jewish lore. Compatible with Old-School Essentials.
    • DaVinci Labs: WRK400 Workman Modular Mecha – A technical profile on a utilitarian mecha.
    • What’s the Point of It? – An essay about gaming while the world burns around you, and why I still do it
    • The Ioun Codex: Addendum – The Iounmancer – A prestige class about mastery of ioun magic. Compatible with Old-School Essentials.
    • The Secret of Brook’s Mine – A small dungeon crawl with an out-of-this-world surprise.
    • Games as Essays – An essay about games primarily expressing ideas rather than rules for play. 
  • Side-scrolling bullet storms
    • R-Type is out for Switch.
    • Ken is really bad at it.
  • Comic Book Bullet Journaling
    • Speaking of bullets, Ken is using a habit tracker in his bullet journal to track comic reading. Because he keep losing track of where he stopped in the X-Men’s Dawn of X series.
    • Reading comic books shouldn’t be this hard…
  • Haunting of Bly Manor
    • A Nicely creepy follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House.
    • As with the earlier show, the writers have fun with the timeline, which reinforces the idea that hauntings are as much about lost time as they are about lost souls. Ken’s inner 12-year-old, who scared himself silly reading ghost stories, is pleased.
    • David and Ken geek out for a while on ghost stories, which inevitably brings us back to Hellboy.
  • Sword Art Online
    • Anime in which a people become trapped in a virtual reality universe.
  • Ready for Launch?
    • We announce the launch of our first episode … which you’ve already listened to.
    • (we told you time was still wibbly wobbly in the Lair…)


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Featured Image

Cover art for X-Men #1, part of the Dawn of X storyline. Credit: Marvel

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