Savage Ringworld

A floating city appears against a cloud-filled blue sky in the cover for the Ringworld graphic novel

S3E2 Savage Ringworld

In Episode 2 of the Lair of Secrets podcast, we brainstorm ideas for a rebooted Savage Ringworld campaign, which mashes up high concept science fiction with the Savage Worlds role-playing game. We also delve back into cyberspace with Cyberpunk 2077 and Cyberpunk RED, say good-bye to Nintendo 3DS (or at least, its eShop), visit the Rivers of London book […]

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A view of an immense ring in space, the setting for Savage Ringworld. A star floats in the middle of the ring.

Savage Ringworld – A Science Fiction Savage Worlds Campaign

Savage Ringworld is one of the my gaming group’s rotating online campaigns. Inspired by Larry Niven’s Ringworld series, we set the game on a megastructure similar to Niven’s (right down to the “Fist of God” Mountain that threatens to destabilize the entire construct). The campaign is powered by Savage Worlds Adventure Edition and augmented by the Savage Worlds Science Fiction companion and

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