Unboxing Mothership

In the creaking hanger of the Lair’s underground starport … something both awesome and horrible finally arrived: the first edition of the Mothership RPG! In this bonus episode, we unbox the deluxe boxed set of the RPG, checking out the core rule books, the zine-style adventures, dice, mission patch, and standees, and geekout about future Mothership excursions.


0:00 – Introduction
1:15 – Opening the Mothership
2:35 – Unwrapping the Components
4:20 – Player’s Guide & Warden’s Manual
6:10 – Ship Deck Plans & Standees
8:00 – GM Screen & Monster Reports
9:30 – Future Plans: Preparing for MEPACon
10:30 – Conclusion: Assessing the Mothership RPG

Show Notes

  • Initial Impressions
    • An overview of the of the Deluxe Set’s packaging (it’s pretty great)
    • The “To dust you shall return” mission patch and the conversion guide’s retro zine style (yes, we love zines)
  • Detailed Component Review
    • Exploration of major items including the Player’s Survival Guide, and Warden’s Operation Manual.
    • Discussion of the ship deck plans and the detailed ship breaker’s toolkit.
    • Mention of the usability and design of the game materials, emphasizing clarity and practical layout.
  • Game Play Elements
    • Unveiling of game play enhancements like the Warden Screen (aka the Game Master’s Screen and Unconfirmed Contact Reports (a monster book)
    • Insights into the function and aesthetic of the standees and their minor design flaw.
  • Anticipation for Future Use
    • Looking ahead to running Mothersrhip at upcoming MEPACons.
    • Reflections on past adventures and how they inform our expectations for the game.
  • Closing Thoughts
    • Overall assessment of the Mothership RPG Deluxe set’s value and gaming potential.


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