The starship Enterprise faces off against a Klingon Battle Cruiser. Captain Kirk and Spok appear in the lower right corner. Text promotes and Estes catalog

Geek Archeology: Star Trek Model Rockets Promo Poster

Cleaning out my parents’ basement occasionally yields treasures, like original promotional poster for the Star Trek flying model rockets by Estes. Released in the late 1970s, this poster is a tie-ins to the original television series; Star Trek: The Motion Picture hadn’t been released yet and The Next Generation was still years away.

There are two models: the U.S.S. Enterprise and a Klingon Battle Cruiser. As luck would have it, I inherited both kits from my father. They’re both technically challenging – particularly the Enterprise – and include a combination of balsa, cardboard body tubes, and plastic so I’ve been holding off on building them until my skills are up to the task.

As for the poster, it’s impressive. Somewhat smaller than a movie poster, it’s still large enough to catch your eye. I’m planning on getting this framed for display in my game room / home office.

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