Unboxing Dragonbane

Pit wizards, warriors, and mallard assassins (yes, duck people) against dragons and other monsters with Dragonbane, Free League’s update of the classic Swedish role-playing game Drakar och Demoner.

In this unboxing, we walk through the Dragonbane boxed set, which features the full game, an adventure book, dice, standees, and even a solo one-shot.


0:00 Intro
0:45 Why Dragonbane?
2:10 Inside the Box: Art and Components
3:30 The Rulebook and Gameplay
5:15 Solo Adventures and Character Sheets
6:40 Cards and Conventions
8:00 Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Show Notes

  • Introduction:
    • Host: Ken Newquist, co-host of Lair of Secrets.
    • Purpose: Unboxing and review of Dragonbane RPG by Free League.
  • Game Background:
    • First impression at Gen Con: Intrigued by playable “Mallard” race (duck people).
    • Connection to Swedish heritage; akin to Sweden’s D&D in the 1980s.
    • Original name: Drakar och Demoner; launched in 1982.
    • New edition retains classic elements and introduces new features.
  • Box Content Overview:
    • Art and Packaging:
      • Attractive artwork with red, green color scheme, sturdy box.
    • Components:
      • Plastic standees with bases.
      • Dice: Lime green, vibrant, fitting theme.
      • Cards: Initiative, adventure, treasure cards.
      • Introductory cover sheet for new players.
    • Books:
      • Rule book: Detailed with unique art, various classes, and races.
      • Adventure book: Multiple ready-to-play adventures.
    • Maps:
      • Battle map and regional map of Misty Vale, the default campaign area.
    • Additional Tools:
      • Solo adventure for learning the game.
      • Character sheets and pre-generated characters.
      • Miniatures and standees for game play.
  • Notable Features:
    • Emphasis on beginner-friendly content.
    • Unique classes and playable races, including Mallard Assassins.
    • Self-contained box with all necessary materials for game play.
    • Solo adventure aiding Game Masters in learning the game.
  • Conclusion:
    • It’s a great game. Ken’s excited to run it.
    • Potential future game sessions at conventions or with local friends.

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