From Death Rays to Dragonbane!, featuring one of the podcast hosts holding up a Dragonbane rulebook.

From Death Rays to Dragonbane (S4E1)

Season 4 kicks off with this episode as we experiment with a new format and geek out about everything from death rays to Dragonbane. We rundown the role-playing games we hope to play this season, review the games we delved into during the hiatus, and geek out about technology in our campaigns.


0:00 – Intro and Overview of Season 4
1:28 – Unveiling the New Format
3:45 – Tech Talk: Gadgets and Geomorphs
10:26 – The Board Game Bonanza Begins
17:06 – Deep Dive into Dragonbane
22:00 – Exploring Tech Tools for Tabletops
27:00 – What’s Next: Upcoming Games and Gadgets
31:13 – Viewer Interactions and Requests
38:04 – Post-Apocalyptic Game Picks
43:25 – Wrapping Up and What to Expect Next

Show Notes

Welcome to Season 4

  • Playing with the Format
    • Different kinds of episodes, with content released as a podcast and on YouTube.
      • Main Show (30-40 minutes, the main topic comes first, then the banter)
      • Campaigns and Coffee (20 minutes, random topics)
      • Interviews (20-30 minutes)
      • Shorts (1-5 minutes – Mirror Universe Advice!)
      • Actual Play (2 hours)
      • Demos / Walkthroughs / Unboxing (5-20 minutes)
    • Role-playing Games in Season 4

Obligatory Banter

Technology Annex

The Game Room


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