Unboxing Chiron's Doom

Unboxing Chiron’s Doom

Explore an ancient, cursed monolith on the edge of civilization in Chiron’s Doom, a storytelling game for 1-3 people by Nick Bate. The structure – obelisk, pyramid, it can be whatever you want – has destroyed everyone who has investigated it.

And you’re no different. Probably.

Chiron’s Doom was written by Nick Bate as part of ZineQuest 2023. In this video, we walk through the zine, reviewing its art, layout, and basic game mechanics.


0:00 Intro
0:15 Overview of “Chiron’s Doom”
0:55 Discussing Game Mechanics and Setup
1:35 Multiplayer Adaptation and Gameplay Options
2:10 Reviewing the Game’s Artwork and Components
2:45 Ken’s Plans for Playing Chiron’s Doom
3:15 Outro and Invitation to Visit LairOfSecrets.com


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