S1E18 Dyson Fall, 3D Printing, Wilderness First Aid, Disc Golf, Mass Effect Returns

On this episode of the Lair of secrets, David reports out on his productive stay-cation, while Ken hikes, runs, swims, and bikes his way along the final stretch of the trail to Philmont (and he could really use a nap)

Back in the Printerium

  • David’s new printer arrived – Prusa i3 – MK3S+
  • He printed a D20 wall medallion
  • DIY stream deck, will we stream our show live in the future?
  • Multipass vaccination card holder

Dyson Fall update

  • Community building
  • Playtest group running well
  • Definitely more Kipo and the Wonderbeasts than character churning 1st and 2nd edition *Gamma World, it still retains the same exploration fun.

Battery-powered Leaves

  • David’ s getting a New battery for the Nissan Leaf

The Chamber of Turnings

  • Woodworking and pen turningTurned several pens for a friend Natalie, who also did our logo!
  • Turned several seam rippers

Trail to Philmont

  • Ken’s on the final stretch.
  • The crew went on their last shakedown hike:
  • 17 miles over two days on the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey.
  • Cold and rainy the whole time.
  • We learned a lot. Like NeutronLad needs better rain gear, my rain gear is too loose, we need waterproof compression sacks for a sleeping bag, I may need a thermal sleeping bag liner, Philmont food will be hard on the stomach, and oh yeah, my boots aren’t nearly broken in enough. Next up:
  • 6 a.m. swim times with NeutronLad.
  • Eating bad food now to prepare our stomachs for later.

Wilderness First Aid training

  • How to treat someone for an injury when you’re miles from anywhere (or more than a few levels deep in the lair…)
  • Practical skills that you will hopefully will never use.
  • Two 9-hour days that include training and role-playing (but no dice)

The Back Nine

  • Ken wants to get back to Disc Golf
  • Throwing discs at metal baskets.
  • He started playing disc golf in 2015 during a massive website redesign project.
  • He stuck with it (though didn’t get much better)
  • Ken’s got some great courses nearby – Hackett Park in Easton, South Mountain in Bethlehem, Lake Nockamixon in Bucks County
  • One of the things that fell by the wayside with the pandemic.
  • Hoping to get back to it now that folks are getting vaccinated.

The Archive of Games Video

  • Ken’s playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition
  • Mastered versions of the 3 games.
  • Does not come with any time to play it.
  • Looks great, though it does meander a bit.
  • Took Ken a while to get his Shepherd back.


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Cover art for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Credit: Electronic Arts

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