Backpackers walk down a trail. A small lake appears to the right;white clouds dominate a blue sky.

S1E19 Finally Philmont

Ken made it to Philmont and back. That’s it. Summer’s done. Meanwhile, David traveled to a castle in Ohio, moderated a death race on the track in the Lair, and started on his quest to sail the seven seas.

Finally Philmont

  • Ken when to Philmont Scout Ranch, a high adventure camp in Cimmeron, New Mexico. You know, the place Ken’s been talking about for the last year and more.
  • What is Philmont?
    • 15 day trip (two days getting acclimated in Colorado, 12 days on the trail, 1 day traveling back) In Colorado, went to Pike’s Peak, Garden of the Gods, and whitewater rafting on the Arkansa River (Class 3 and 4 rapids)
    • Then a 69 mile trek in Philmont
    • Base camp is 6,430 ft. The highest we got was about 10,500
    • Amazing views – you can see for dozens of miles at a clip
  • Legitimately dangerous.
    • The crew got there in “monsoon” season, when it rains almost every afternoon.
    • Lightning almost every day.
    • It’s a desert, so it’s dry.
    • But it’s raining a lot, so everything’s green
  • Legitimately hard
    • Hiking at altitude is difficult when you are a flatlander
    • Drank so much water.
    • Good thing the crew trained.
  • Highlights
    • Astronomy at Ring Place.
    • Tomahawk throwing and black powder muskets at Miranda
    • Rock Climbing at Chase Cow
    • Cowball at Chase Cow (it is definitely not volleyball).
    • Sketching is fun.
  • Some RPG Thoughts
    • There’s a reason we don’t simulate every mile of an overland trek; it’s boring.
    • Interesting landmarks that dominate the terrain
      • Mount Baldy is visible from much of northern Philmont. Everytime you get closer to it, and it gets bigger, it feels like you’re making progress.
      • The Tooth of Time dominates the view at Base Camp. You know you’re at Philmont when you can see the Tooth.
    • Interesting terrain
      • Trails carved by floods.
      • Are the floods a historical feature, or something a little more relevant?
      • Unusual rock formations e.g. Garden of the Gods … what if was created by actual gods.
    • Weather is dangerous.
      • Remember to include it in overland treks (lightning, flash floods, massive hail, etc.)
      • Weather transforms safe terrain into dangerous terrain. Think about that when a group fails a survival check to find a good camp.
      • There are seasons. And some regions may have their own seasons you don’t expect
    • Unexpected enemies
      • Mini bears. Just as hungry as bears, but way bolder.


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