Adventurers fight a tentacled horror.

S1E16 Super Science, Dwarven Delves, Magic Skeletons, Work-cation, Horizon Zero Dawn

The Lair of Secrets get a super-science expansion as David and Ken take a look at the new super-sized edition of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. We also check out the new book You Can Do Anything Magic Skeleton!, talk about work-cations, venture once more into the outdoors, and delve too deeply (or not nearly deep enough) with the drawing/journaling game DELVE.

Trail to Philmont

  • Running!
  • Camping!
  • Backpacking!
  • Physical Therapy!

Puppy S is coming

  • The puppy is a male. His name begins with S. We’ll know more soon!

Scientific Barbarian


  • DELVE is Anna Blackwell’s drawing game of dwarves digging deeply.
  • Because the Lair is never deep enough
  • Ken’s foray’s into the dungeon:
    • First dungeon … killed by a skeleton king and his minions.
    • Second dungeon … killed by green meanies.
    • Third dungeon … Ken realized he had to stop playing spade cards on the first level. Now he’s on his third level, having defeated two giant worm-things and snuck past a slumbering dragon.


  • Remote-er remote work?

Baker’s Dozen Mystery in a Box

You Can Do Anything Magic Skeleton!

And you thought The Lair of Secrets was big …

Horizon Zero Dawn

  • David ventures into a world where you hunt mechanical animal hybrids and try to unravel the secret of past human mistakes in Horizon Zero Dawn (PC)

Dyson Fall Update

  • David’s progress on Dyson Fall (Gamma World inspired game)
  • Building mutations
  • Local game this weekend

Omega Mart

As the Pen Turns

  • David is turning more pens on his lathe.

Dead Phone, New Phone

  • Meet David’s new phone, acquired after the unexpected, untimely, and tragic death of his old phone.

Meanwhile, in the Printerium…

  • David repaired his 3D printer … and there’s a new one on the way.
  • Printers printing printers. What could go wrong?


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Featured Image

Artwork from the D&D 5th Edition conversion of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks. Credit: Goodman Games

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