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Overland Exploration in D&D, fearing a woman in the outdoors, getting ready to pull back the hood of her cloak.

Overland Exploration in D&D – Campaigns and Coffee

In this thrilling episode of Campaigns and Coffee, David and Ken delve into Ken’s epic Elemental Apocalypse D&D campaign. The heroes are on a quest to reunite a fallen angel with its lost sun sword amidst a world torn apart by elemental forces. Ken shares his creative process, discussing map-making with Incarnate, integrating skill challenges […]

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A close up view of bicycle gears.

S3E14 Changing Gears

On this episode, we talking about changing gears – changing game systems, changing genres, changing roles, changing groups – as part of our May 2023 RPG Blog Carnival hosting duties. Before venturing into those tiny, switching passages, all different, we talk about Ken’s return to backpacking, discuss new streaming series (Lockwood and Co., Picard, and

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Cover art for the new Spelljammer book includes a sword-wielding warrior and his hamster companion riding a dragon through space

S3E1 Spelljammer, GenCon, Cyberpunk RED

As summer ends, the podcast turns it attention to Spelljammer, the fantasy-in-space setting for Dungeons & Dragons. Ken and David look Wizards of the Coast’s new 3-book release and discuss David’s Spelljammer Academy mini-campaign based on WotC’s free Roll20 release. They also talk about the resurgence of all things cyberpunk, including the Cyberpunk RED role-playing

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