S1E7 (corrected) Online Gaming Redux, Wild New Jersey, Aliens Graphic Novels, Books (aka The Format Wars)

On this episode of the Lair of Secrets podcast … David Moore has had a strange few weeks and he’s not really sure who he is anymore. Meanwhile, Ken Newquist digs into a good, scary graphic novel, tries out some new backpacking gadgets, and investigates a small-town murder mystery.

  • David Messed Up Bullet Journaling
    • Rolled over into September without migrating from August
    • Still haven’t quite caught up since he was also teaching last week which isn’t the normal day-to-day job.
  • Colonoscopy
  • The Trials of Online Gaming
  • “I am the Law”
  • Covid Scare
  • To Sail the Infinite Oceans…
    • David discusses a five-year plan for buying a boat and sailing the world. And you thought backpacking was adventuresome!
  • The Wilds of New Jersey
    • Yes, New Jersey has wilderness.
    • Ken spent lots of time in Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area.
    • Ken went on a 10-mile canoe trip along the Delaware River.
    • 5-mile hike on the AT and Rattlesnake Swamp Trail Coming up (but not really, since we recorded this last year: 2.5 days of camping and backpacking, totally 20 miles on the trail.
    • Picked up a new gadget – a water purifier for the trail (filters out bacteria, not viruses; for that you need to treat the water)
    • Hiker Microfilter by Katadyn
  • Geek Needs Exercise … Badly
    • Ken’s exercise routine is stalled. Need to get back to it (and sleep better)
  • Ken’s Summer Reading List Additions (2020 edition)
    • The big, scary books: Aliens 30th Anniversary: The Original Comics Series and Aliens: Nightmare Asylum and Earth War
      • From the late 1980s and early 1990s
      • Direct sequel to Aliens (before the disappointing Alien3)
      • Features Hicks and Newt about ten years after Aliens.
      • Once Alien3 was released, they were renamed (Newt became Billie while Hicks became Wilks) …
      • .. which was dumb … and they restored their names for these editions
      • Focuses on the intersections of humanity and the alien, from alien-worshipping cults to military officers obsessed with crafting the perfect army.
      • Unsurprisingly, infection (how to contain the aliens … and how to deal with them when that fails) plays a major part in the series.
  • Main Topic: How do you like to read?
    • Print books
      • No school like the old school
      • Doesn’t run out of batteries
      • Has that new book smell
      • Hey, why can’t I increase the font size on this thing?
      • Already have so … many … books
    • Vs. E-Reader book
      • Books don’t take up any physical space
      • Go ahead. Make the font as big as you want
      • Backlighting makes it easier to read on the trail or camping … or at 2 a.m. when you can’t sleep (but you should really just get up anyway)
      • Doesn’t have that new book smell. Doesn’t feel like a book.
    • Vs. Audiobooks
      • Read at the pace of the book. No skipping ahead, no flipping backward, no skimming
      • Maybe slower. And may take weeks to finish a book
      • The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss? 42 hrs and 55 mins.
      • Digital, so they don’t take up space
      • People may not consider this “reading”


Cover art for the Aliens: Nightmare Asylum and Earth War. Credit: Dark Horse Comics.

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