Cover art for Slaughterhouse V, Small Gods, Dragons of Deceit, and Station Eternity. Part of the Summer Reading Lists 2023

S3E17 Summer Reading Lists for 2023

Summer is here, and that means reading! On this episode, it’s all books, all the time as we talk about our Summer Reading Lists for 2023.

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The Summer Reading Lists 2023

David’s Picks

Ken’s Picks

  • Ken launched his 16th annual reading list
  • Dragons of Deceit by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
    • A return to Dragonlance after more years away then Ken can easily remember.
    • Destina Rosethorn seeks to travel back through time to save her father, who died in the War of the Lance.
  • Star Wars: Lesser Evil (Thrawn Ascendency, Book 3) by Timothy Zahn
    • The final book of the second Thrawn prequel series. Yes, this was on Ken’s list last year. Yes, he didn’t read it.
  • Station Eternity by Mur Lafferty
    • A murder mystery on a sentient space station.
    • Released in October 2022, so it wasn’t on last year’s reading list. 
    • The next book in the series, Chaos Terminal, drops in November 2023.
  • Dead Moon (Threshold Universe, Book 3) by Peter Cline
    • LOST meets Lovecraft meets weird science.
    • Began with “14”, in which people living in an apartment building discover something very strange is going on in their basement. Continued with The Fold, which involved visiting another realm … and dealing with the consequences of those visits
  • Implacable (The Lost Fleet: Outlands Book 3) by Jack Campbell
    • Admiral John “Black Jack” Geary has taken his fleet beyond the frontier and is battling the dangerous and cryptic Enigma aliens. If only he wasn’t also fighting Alliance politicians back home, who are concerned he’ll use his immense popularity to seize control of the government
  • Graphic Novels


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