A female edgerunner stands on the edge of a Cyberpunk Cityscape.

Cyberpunk RED Actual Play @ Lair of Secrets

Welcome to the primer for our Cyberpunk RED actual play campaign! This page provides an overview of the campaign and its characters, an episode list, and links to a variety of Cyberpunk RED resources.

Note: R. Talsorian provided review copies of the Cyberpunk RED and several of its supplements for this game. Bouncyrock Entertainment provided review copies of TaleSpire, the 3D tabletop application.


Cyberpunk RED-related Episodes

Character and Cast Overview

Our edgerunners are a small-time crew based out of Night City, Cyberpunk RED’s iconic metropolitan area.

  • Amelie Penelope Thibault aka APT (Netrunner, played by Chris)
  • Bram Van Brogan aka Angry Bob (Media, played by David)
  • Nohea Kaapana aka Omen (Nomad, played by Erin)
  • Shay Ken Baker aka Atlas (Solo, played by Josh)

Game Resources

Official Websites & Resources


Actual Play

Featured Image Meta

Artwork from the Gamemaster’s Screen for Cyberpunk RED. Credit: R. Talsorian.

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