A stealthy duck, duel-wielding blades, drops from the ceiling in artwork from Dragonbane, one of the games we discussed in our Free League Interview

S3E25 Gen Con 2023 – Free League Interview

At Gen Con 2023 we interviewed Tomas Härenstam, one of the co-founders of Free League Publishing.

The company won big at the 2023 Ennies game awards, taking home seven Gold Ennies for everything from Best Cartography for the Blade Runner RPG Starter Set to Product of the Year for Vaesen RPG: Mythic Britain & Ireland.

We talk about those wins, as well as: 

We also discuss Dragonbane, the English version of the long-running Swedish role-playing and ask the question … what’s with the ducks fighting monsters?


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One of the famous (notorious?) ducks from Dragonbane. Credit: Free League Publishing.

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