An anime-style man and woman fight enemies while riding motorcycles through a neon drenched city in Cyberpunk Edgerunners

S3E3 Cyberpunk Laments, Streaming Catch Up, Back to Conventions, Steam Deck, Character Background Haiku

On Episode 3 of Season 3, we catch up on a few weeks of geeky pursuits. David discusses not watching to finish Cyberpunk 2077, and then we both rundown the big list of stuff we’re watching (or want to watch) on streaming. Ken’s planning to return to real world game conventions with MEPACon and discusses what the heck he should run. David’s Steamdeck arrives, and he discusses why he got it … and how it plays. Finally, the Inspiration Goat ventures forth from the Daydreaming with Dragons podcast and inspires us with the idea of using haiku to create RPG character backgrounds.

Show Notes

The Matrix of Cybersouls

The Theatre of Streaming

Convention Hall

Game Hall

Podcast Inspiration


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