S1E5 Day Pack of Holding, Star Trek, Godsend Agenda, Forging Hephaestus, Old Guard, Baseball

Welcome to the Lair of Secrets podcast! The podcast about gaming and being a geek by two forty-something geek dads. David is a father, coder, gamer, woodworker, and guy with too many hobbies he likes to pursue. Ken is an IT guy who never seems to have enough time to read comic books, but refuses to stop collecting them.

  • Colorful Forges of Words
    • David finished Color of Magic by Terry Pratchett – very abrupt ending, the novel felt like a series of short stories strung together, not his best work but still enjoyable
    • Forging Hephaestus by Drew Hayes by – reading – Superhero/villain story, the main character is a villain in air quotes who is learning to use her powers and being introduced to the social structure behind the scenes at a villain guild
      • Reads like a story based on role-playing done in Champions Online or City of Heroes, which is to say it’s pretty good, but won’t be for everyone
      • Interesting worldbuilding on how new metas come into being
    • A Memory Called Empire by Arkady Martine – on deck next
  • On the Agenda of Gods
    • David’s Local game group was partially able to get together this weekend after the long hiatus
    • Played a game of the new edition of Godsend Agenda that is being developed by Khepera Publishing with the GM being Jerry Grayson. It’ll be released on the Babies With Knives and Cowboy Dracula YouTube channels at some point.
      • Was a lot of fun, and David was reminded about how long DnD and Pathfinder combats can take.
      • We did several combats and a fair amount of investigation and role-playing in the four-ish hours of gaming. I’ve had DnD and Pathfinder games where it was nearly four hours of combat.
    • Picked up Take 5 / 6 Nimmt and have had fun with the games of it so far
  • On Miscellaneous Topics of Note
    • Zoe is doing very well
    • Torn down pretty much everything in the garage woodshop to rearrange it and make improvements
  • Venturing forth with a new Day Pack of Holding
    • Ken is finally replacing his grungy old day pack with a spiffy new Osprey one.
    • A day pack is a lightweight backpack meant for shorter hikes, overnight backpacking trips, and trips.
    • Also: Game conventions?
    • Ken bought the Osprey Stratos 24 pack
      • 24 liter pack.
      • Dual zippered panel access to main compartment
      • Front panel vertical zip pocket; front panel zip stash pocket; front panel storage pocket; large top panel zip stash pocket; side stretch-mesh pockets; zip hipbelt pockets
      • Ice-tool loop with bungee tie-off
      • Integrated raincover
      • Internal hydration reservoir sleeve (hydration reservoir sold separately)
    • By way of comparison, Ken’s main backpack is an 85L pack (it’s a lot bigger)
  • To Boldly Go … and Read
    • Sooooo much content.
    • Ken may need to take a day off just to read Star Trek.
  • More D&D with kids
    • Ken’s daughter (17) wants him to run a game of D&D for her and her friends.
    • Looks like that new D&D starter set is going to get a lot of use this fall…
  • The Theatre of Infinite Streams
    • The Old Guard (movie)
      • Charlize Theron “Andy”… one of a handful of immortal warriors who try to make the world a better place. They find a new immortal … and a conspiracy that wants to harness their immortality.
      • If you liked Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road or Atomic Blonde, you’ll love this.
    • Umbrella Academy, Season 2
      • Based on the comic books of the same name.
      • Children with powers adopted and raised by a stern father (and an intelligent ape).
      • In Season 1, one of them nearly destroyed the world. In Season 2, the apocalypse is still looming large … but it’s a nuclear war in 1963.
    • Baseball!
      • Finally … Ken’s Mets are back. Watching games is surreal though.
    • The Boys
      • Where we go off on a Karl Urban sidetrack of how he makes any movie he is in better

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Artwork from the Star Trek Adventures game by Modiphius.

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