S3E18 Cyberpunk RED Chapter 1: Made to Order

Our Cyberpunk RED actual play campaign kicks off with Chapter 1: Made to Order. The edgerunners are hired by the Makers Enclave to secure some black box tech from the Zetatech.

The target – a sealed box approximately 1′ x 1′ x 2′ – is part of a new line of self-directed farming equipment. It’s being held in a Zetatech warehouse in Night City’s Heywood Industrial Zone district awaiting shipment by a third party, Stormhold Shipping. The destination is a corporate test bed farm in Southern California, outside of Los Angeles.

What do the Makers want with it? Well, the Makers aggressively void warranties, and despise corporations like Zetatech that lock consumers into proprietary solutions. So they want to secure the box, crack it open, discover its secrets … and then share their hacks with the people cursed with using that tech.

Cyberpunk RED Chapter 1 Cast of Characters

  • Amelie Penelope Thibault aka APT (Chris)
  • Bram Van Brogan aka Angry Bob (David)
  • Nohea Kaapana aka Omen (Erin)
  • Shay Ken Baker aka Atlas (Josh)

Your game master is Ken Newquist.


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