Cyberpunk RED

A female edgerunner stands on the edge of a Cyberpunk Cityscape.

Cyberpunk RED Actual Play @ Lair of Secrets

Welcome to the primer for our Cyberpunk RED actual play campaign! This page provides an overview of the campaign and its characters, an episode list, and links to a variety of Cyberpunk RED resources. Note: R. Talsorian provided review copies of the Cyberpunk RED and several of its supplements for this game. Bouncyrock Entertainment provided review copies …

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A close up view of bicycle gears.

S3E14 Changing Gears

On this episode, we talking about changing gears – changing game systems, changing genres, changing roles, changing groups – as part of our May 2023 RPG Blog Carnival hosting duties. Before venturing into those tiny, switching passages, all different, we talk about Ken’s return to backpacking, discuss new streaming series (Lockwood and Co., Picard, and …

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