Cover art for Savage Worlds Adventure Edition, featuring a woman charging through the snow.

S3E19 What is Savage Worlds?

On this episode, we answer the question “what is Savage Worlds“? We review the basics of Savage World’s “fast, furious, and fun” rules including character creation, hindrances, and feats. We delve into how to use the core book and the various supplements to build your own campaign world. Overlord Emeritus Chris Miller, who built his own takes on Savage Dresden Files and Savage Amber, joins us for the show.

Main Topic

What is Savage Worlds?

  • Game overview
  • Initiative
  • Wild Cards and minions
  • Exploding dice & multiple successes
  • Bennies
  • Edges
  • Hindrances
  • How do you do magic?
    • Powers?
    • What sort of options for different magic systems can we do?

How do you run a campaign?


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Cover art for the Adventure Edition. Credit: Pinnacle Entertainment Group.

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