A green and white tackle box re-tasked for use as a game master toolbox. It includes a number of card decks in its top compartment. The center section includes a Savage Worlds rulebook and plastic trays.

S3E9 The Game Master’s Toolbox

The Game Master’s Toolbox – a physical tool for organizing gaming supplies like dice, markers, tokens, books, etc. – is the focus of this episode of the Lair of Secrets podcast.

Before delving into our repurposed Plano boxes though, we explore the St. Louis Science Center and take an extensive detour through the Game Room to talk about the Atari VCS, Portal Companion Edition, gaming at work, and consider the benefits of a gamer journal. We also geek out about the new Willow streaming series on Disney+.

Science!!! Center

  • St. Louis Science Center
    • Smaller than the museums in Chicago, but no less amazing
    • Great interactive place for kids and adults alike
    • A very cool exhibit currently is called The Vault, which are collections of different items that humans collect: shells, figurines, lanterns, and more.

The Game Room

  • Atari VCS – all of the Atari 2600 games you played as a kid and more. It’s also a full computer (supposedly).
  • Portal Companion Edition for the Switch.
    • Just as darkly humorous as you remember.
    • May be the best way to play Portal … ever.
  • Gaming at Work
    • David’s company recently hired someone who runs ttrpg games to encourage team building.
    • We may have him on for an interview in the future.
  • Ken’s contemplating a gamer bullet journal
    • Keep track of all the games he’s playing. Or wants to be playing.
    • Not a gamer themed bullet journal. A bullet journal for games.
    • Help with the mental start up time for getting back into a game like Cyberpunk 2077
      • What quest was I on?
      • What items was I collecting?
      • Where the hell am I?
    • Add it to Ken’s existing “player” bullet journal for RPGs
    • Gamer Bullet Journal Pinterest Board

The Theater

  • The Return of Willow
    • We’re enjoying WILLOW in the same way he enjoyed his favorite #DnD campaigns.
    • It’s a little goofy, a little self-serious, a lot snarky at the right moments, and generally entertaining.
    • David is one episode in and likes some of the snark that Sorcha has about the past

Main Topic: Game Master Toolbox / Toolkit / Box of Holding


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Ken’s Game Master Toolbox for Savage Worlds.

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