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Cyberpunk, But Different – Campaigns & Coffee

Our cozy, Saturday morning show continues with a discussion of cyberpunk, but different from our usual cyberpunk. Instead of the dystopian future of R. Talsorian’s Cyberpunk RED, hosts David, Ken, and Chris talk about Chris’s homegrown, Cleveland-based, cyberpunk campaign which uses the Cities without Number rule set.

We explore the challenges of learning different systems within the cyberpunk genre and share techniques for learning a new system and setting. We also discuss the importance of designing sessions to road test new mechanics and balancing rules with fun.


  • 0:00 Intro: Cyberpunk, But Different
  • 1:40 Meet “Cities Without Number”
  • 4:20 Challenges of learning new RPG systems
  • 7:00 Adapting personal experiences into game settings
  • 10:30 Strategies for engaging with game mechanics
  • 13:00 Community Q&A: Integrating hobbies into a dark persona
  • 17:45 Closing thoughts and outro

Show Notes

  • Introduction to the Episode
    • Main Topic: Exploring new tabletop RPG systems and integrating personal experiences into game settings.
  • Chris’s Journey into Cities Without Number
    • Transition from familiar cyberpunk settings to OSR (Old School Revival/Renaissance).
    • Development of “Terminal City,” inspired by Cleveland.
    • Utilizing random tables from ‘Cities Without Number’ to enhance game creativity.
  • Deep Dive into Learning New Systems
    • Discussion on adapting to different rule sets within known genres.
    • Strategies for mastering new systems:
      • Immersive playtesting
      • Collaborative learning with rule-savvy players
      • Integrating personal narratives and local elements into game worlds.
  • Challenges and Solutions in RPG Adaptations
    • Balancing rule complexity with game play fluidity.
    • Leveraging player strengths to complement game play dynamics.
    • Anecdotes from running various systems including Cyberpunk Red and Savage Worlds.
  • Community Engagement
    • Opening the floor to listeners for tips and experiences in adapting to new RPG systems.
    • Addressing listener questions on incorporating side hobbies into a “dark persona” with humor and creativity.
  • Closing Remarks
    • Recap of key insights on adapting to new RPG systems and creating rich, personalized game worlds.
    • Invitation for further discussion and listener engagement in future episodes.


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