S3E28 Cyberpunk RED Chapter 4: Aftershocks

Our Cyberpunk RED actual play campaign continues with Chapter 4: Aftershocks. In our last chapter, the edgerunners cracked open the Titan 1X prototype self-driving tractor trailer and secured the Zetatech blackbox that the Maker Enclave hired them to acquire. As they moved the black box to their vehicle, they caught site of a Zetatech-branded AeroCop air vehicle inbound. The armored attack craft landed, and its leader Isabela “Izzy” Cordero explained they’d tracked the payload here specifically to make the edgerunners a deal: 10,000 EBs upfront to spy on the Maker.

The edgerunners rejected the deal, and a firefight broke out.

Through grit, luck, and a lot of bullets, the edgerunners made it away. Atlas took a critical wound after being shot, but survived. Many of the Zetatech operatives went down, but Izzy survived … and swore vengeance.

The team is now preparing to meet with Omen’s Nomad cousins.


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Cover art for Chapter 4, generated using Adobe’s Firefly software.

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