A fierce tentacled monster battles human investigators. Text on the graphic says Lunchtime Ghouls & Sci-Fi Encounters

Lunchtime Ghouls & Sci-Fi Encounters (S4E2)

Mind the crates; we’re still unpacking Season 4 of the podcast! On this episode, Ken talks about playing Monster of the Week mysteries, David flips through his Dreams and Machines rule books, and we delve into our respective reading lists.


  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:20 Ken’s New Lunchtime Game: Monster of the Week
  • 1:41 David Discusses ‘Dreams and Machines’
  • 3:01 Book Discussions and Recommendations
  • 6:43 Strategies for Managing Multiple GMs
  • 8:10 What’s on Their Reading List?
  • 13:06 Alien Novels and Cyberpunk Gaming Insights
  • 19:17 Diving Deep into Cyberpunk 2077
  • 22:29 Insights from Sci-fi Novel Writing Class
  • 27:31 Closing Remarks and Goodbye

Show Notes

  • Game – Monster of the Week
  • Game: Dreams and Machines
    • David played several learning games
    • Got the full game and have been reading through it
    • Rules seem pretty solid, I’m not having the same issues with them that I did the Starter Set
    • Unfortunately, some issues with editing/misprints
  • Game – Dungeons & Dragons
    • Ken’s Elemental Apocalypse continues with two apocalypses for the price of one!
    • Alternating game masters and characters as we switch between regions.
    • Makes it easier to tag in another game master when one of us is busy.
    • Dungeons & Dragons website
  • Books: Eric Carter series by Stephen Blackmoore
    • Eric Carter is a necromancer who comes back to his hometown of LA and things go sideways from there.
      • Similar to the Dresden Files in feeling, but has a higher body count
    • Burned through a ton of them, waiting on the next book.
    • Eric Carter series website
  • Book – Alien: The Cold Forge by Allen White
    • A secret corporate space station is experimenting on Xenomorphs in the darkest depths of space, nearby a star could incinerate them in a moment. What could go wrong? Ken’s reading this one.
    • Alien: The Cold Forge website
  • Book: The Three Body Problem by Chixin Liu translated by Ken Liu
    • Feels a lot like 1960’s and 70’s sci-fi
    • Interesting concepts and a window into a culture most of us have never really seen
    • It’s a heavy read. David’s looking for a lighter fare in next next book to compensate.
    • Netflix trailer: The Three Body Problem
  • Video game: Spider-man 2 (PS5)
    • Ken returned to New York City with two Spider-men: Peter Parker and Miles Morales. 
    • Despite being the third time slinging around New York City, it doesn’t feel old.
    • Spider-man 2 website
  • Writing class
    • David’s second writing class in sci-fi novel writing.
    • Lots of techniques for brainstorming plot and world-building that David is going to see about adapting to tabletop gaming


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