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S3E14 Changing Gears

On this episode, we talking about changing gears – changing game systems, changing genres, changing roles, changing groups – as part of our May 2023 RPG Blog Carnival hosting duties. Before venturing into those tiny, switching passages, all different, we talk about Ken’s return to backpacking, discuss new streaming series (Lockwood and Co., Picard, and The Last of Us) and venture back to the Game Room.

The Outdoors

  • Ken’s heading back to the Pine Barrens for an introductory backpacking trip (and working on getting back into backpacking shape)

Streaming Theatre

  • Lockwood and Co.
    • Teenaged ghost hunters in an alternate world
    • The Problem started 50 years ago
    • Technology has stagnated – no cell phones, still using VCRs and cassette tapes
  • Star Trek: Picard, Season 3
    • A true send off for the Next Generation crew.
  • The Last Of Us
    • Really, really good zombie show (even if you never played the game).

Game Room

  • David ran a game for his younger nephews
  • Pinball FX3
    • Ken got this pinball simulator for Switch
  • Includes classics (Indiana Jones, Creature from the Black Lagoon) and originals (ALIENS).
  • Great to revisit these old friends.

The Cruise Ship

  • Who knew we had one of those?
  • Erin and David went on the JoCo Cruise!
  • David turned a passel of pens
  • New game: Psi*Run

Main Topic: Changing Gears

We’re hosting the RPG Blog Carnival for May 2023! The topic is “Changing Gears”

  • Switching systems
  • Switching genres
    • Examples:
      • Fantasy (D&D Greyhawk) to Science Fiction (Star Wars)
      • Traditional Fantasy to Apocalyptic over-the-top Fantasy
      • Science Fantasy to Cyberpunk
    • Preparing Your Players
      • Brainstorm the fiction inspiration (movies, TV, music, books, comic books)
      • Make sure you’ve agreed on what the genre means … and discuss if there’s anything problematic that you want to avoid.
    • Preparing Yourself
      • Read! Watch movies!
      • Find random tables / oracles for inspiration
  • Switching roles
    • Game master to player
  • Switching gaming groups
    • Look for gamers at conventions
    • Look for gamers at your local game shop
    • Game nights at Barnes & Noble
    • Looking for Group on Discord Servers for Your Games
    • Invite gamers out for a beer/soda/etc. to talk philosophy, gaming interests, etc.


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