An example of a Cyberpunk RED screamsheet, complete with headlines

Cyberpunk RED Screamsheets

Cybepunk RED screamsheets are the equivalent of newspapers in the dark future. Published on flimsy plastic sheets, these dynamic sheets tell the story (or the rumors) of Night City and other urban realms.

As an role-playing game tool, they can help recount the players’ own adventures while revealing the deeper story of the your campaign universe (or maybe just the superficial story … what were today’s lottery numbers again?)

The links below provide example screamsheets, tools for creating your own, and random content generators. Submit your own by post a comment or emailing us at

Pre-made Cyberpunk RED Screamsheets

Screamsheet Creators

Screamsheet Random Generators

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An example of a screamsheet. Credit: Cybernation Uncensored.

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