A collection of elemental fantasy images on Pinterest, as an example of using media in your game.

S3E15 Using Music, Art, and Props in Your Game

On this episode of the Lair of Secrets podcast we look at using different media in your role-playing game sessions. This includes tools like thematic artwork, background music, in-game fiction, and even props. We also look at the new Sentinels of Earth-Prime digital card game by Handelebra (based on the print game by Greater than Games), venture into the library to check out Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan comic series, and offer our initial thoughts on the Cyberpunk RED role-playing game.

The Arcade

  • Sentinels of Earth-Prime (iOS, Android, Steam)
    • By the developers of Sentinels of the Multiverse … but with the heroes of Green Ronin’s Freedom City!
    • Enemies like:
      • Omega, Hades, Meta-Mind (Grue Mothership), Argo: The Ultimate Android
    • Heroes like:
      • Bowman, Captain Thunder, Doctor Metropolis, Daedalus, Lady Liberty, Siren
    • Greater Than Games (original developers)
    • Handelabra (video game developers)

The Library

  • Transmetropolitan comic series
    • Darick Robertson and Warren Ellis
    • Libraries are awesome

The Game Room

  • Cyberpunk RED Initial Thoughts
    • It’s crunchy.
    • It’s deadly.
    • Range matters. (really).
    • Netrunning works. And it’s fun! (really).
    • Black Chrome on Roll20?
  • Monster of the Week
    • Ken’s lunchtime gaming group is gearing up for Monster of the Week.
    • A Powered By the Apocalypse game inspired by shows like Supernatural and Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Main Topic: Using different media in your game


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A collection of elemental-themed illustrations from Ken’s Elemental Apocalypse board on Pinterest.

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