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RPG Blog Carnival: Changing Gears

Sometimes in life, you need to change gears. Change your job, change your home, change your state … or even change your game. And sometimes, you need to change all the gears at once, as we saw during the pandemic, when many of us saw our real-world games disappear within a manner of days while our communities plunged into lockdown and our jobs went through too many changes to count.

For this month’s RPG Blog CarnivalLair of Secrets is venturing into its ever-shifting labyrinth to ponder the nature of change. Potential topics include:

  • Changing systems
  • Changing genres
  • Changing roles
  • Changing gaming groups

And much more – change is every where, so the possibilities are infinite. As Rush once said, changes aren’t permanent … but change is.

As for us, we’ve got plenty of changes on the horizon as well. After embracing space opera with Scum and Villainy, we’re jumping to the dark future of Cyberpunk Red. After a season of theatre-of-the-mind style play, we’re switching to Roll20 and experimenting with TaleSpire.

So what change do you want to talk about? Share your posts in the comments or email them to us at podcast@lairofsecrets.com.

Carnival Wrap-up: Changing Gears

Many thanks to everyone who participated in May 2023’s RPG Blog Carnival! We garnered six posts for the carnival:

  • Codex Anathema – Marvel Multiverse – Role-playing in the Marvel Multiverse
  • Plastic Polyhedra – Short Campaigns – Advice for running a shorter campaign (2-3 months, 10 adventures)
  • Seed of Worlds – Shifting Gears Over A Campaign – going from a city campaign to a hexcrawl, to extra planer excursions, to mythic adventures, to dungeon controls
  • Nuketown – Go Big or Go Bigger – Using bigger battlemaps in your online games
  • Lair of Secrets – Solo RPGs – venturing into solo RPGs like Ironsworn Starforged.
  • Lair of Secrets – Season 3, Episode 14 – Changing campaigns, genres, game systems, gaming groups, and more.

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15 thoughts on “RPG Blog Carnival: Changing Gears”

  1. I’m running an event on the 21st to celebrate Geek Pride, and I’ll be running the Marvel Multiverse RPG. I think it will make a great article to compare with my regular DMing style and campaigns in D&D..

        1. Thanks for this. Jumping off in to the Marvel Multiverse (or any multiverse) is a great way of changing gears. One of these days I’ll make good on my self-promise to run a Claremount Academy, New Mutants-style Savage Worlds Supers game. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the submission! I agree – short campaigns can be an excellent way of switching things up! That’s been one of the great benefits for me of gaming with the Lair of Secrets crew – we’ve been able to try a bunch of different games over the last three years or so by focusing on shorter-run campaigns. And the best part is, we can always go back to the games we enjoyed the most 🙂

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