Scum and Villainy Actual Play @ Lair of Secrets

A starship flies toward a circular gate. A purple/pink nebula appears in the background

Welcome to the primer for our Scum and Villainy actual play campaign! The campaign ran for six episodes in late winter and early spring 2022. This page provides an overview of the campaign and its characters, an episode list, and links to a variety of Forged in the Dark resources.

Character and Cast Overview


Our crew specializes in the weird though smuggling pays the bills. We have a penchant for earning (and losing) unwanted attention.

  • Dyson “Twitch” Thane (Mechanic)
    • played by Josh
    • Born in the stars, and will likely die in the stars
  • J-A66-3R aka “Jagger” (Muscle),
    • played by Kris
    • Humanoid Urbot. Neon green chassis with bright pink, yellow and blue accents. Punches things.
  • Ordwell “Starcrasher” Drake (Pilot)
    • played by Ken
    • A former podracer, now pleasure-seeking, daredevil pilot
  • Polaris “Karma” Pava (Scoundrel)
    • played by Erin
    • A galaxy-traveling thief with a love of sightseeing
  • James “Doc” Watson (Stitch)
    • played by Chris
    • Scion of a well-respected Imperial Family; worked as a professor at Imperial University Medical School


Our ship is the Stardancer, a fast mover with room for cargo (both legal and illicit), a decked-out medbay, and an equally capable ground rover for those planetary engagements.


Game Resources

Official Websites


Actual Play


  • Reddit: List of all Forged in the Dark-based games – Dozens of Forged in the Dark games and hacks.
  • A NOCTURNE – Control an ancient and weird starship as you fly around the galaxy looking for profit by any means necessary.
  • Beam Saber – A game about pilots and their massive war machines.
  • Copperhead County – A Southern noir crime game
  • Hello, World – A utopian SF game set in virtual reality.
  • Moth-Light – A science-fiction game set in a world in which humans are hunted by alien “Moths” and must form pacts with one another to survive.
  • Wicked Ones – Take on the role of monsters raiding human settlements, then building a dungeon to defend their hoard.
  • Dogs in the Bark – Play a pack of stray dogs surviving on the streets of Doskvol.

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