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S2E14 Scum and Villainy Actual Play, Chapter 4

During The Cargo Job (Chapter 4 of our Scum and Villainy campaign) the crew is tasked with recovering “living cargo” from a smuggler’s ship. The goal is to snatch the cargo, which belongs to the ethereal scientists/villains known as the Ghosts, and deliver it to a safe location. The crew’s plan involves pretending to be border patrol agents and confiscating the cargo … but as always, things don’t go exactly according to plan…

  • This episode is part of our Scum and Villainy actual play campaign. Learn about the characters, view the chapter list, and check out Scum and Villainy game resources on the campaign homepage.

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The Ghost Nebula. Credit: Adam Block, Mount Lemmon SkyCenter, University of Arizona @ Wikicommons.

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