Porto city hall and plaza by night.

S3E4 Travel and RPGs, Game Room Reclamation, Steamdeck Redux, Andor, Cyberpunk RED Critical Mass

The subject of travel and how visiting other parts of the country and the world can improve your game is the main topic for Episode 4 of the Lair of Secrets podcast. Before we delve into that globe-trotting topic, we geek out about AirPods, resurrecting the game room after the pandemic, variant endings for Cyberpunk 2077, revisit David’s experiences with the Steamdeck, and contemplate approaching critical mass for a Cyberpunk RED game.

Show Notes

Audiophile Auditorium

  • Why did David wait so long to get AirPods?

Game Room

  • After two years holed up in his home office …Ken wants to get back to treating it like the game room.
  • Purposefully trying not to work there unless I’m doing something creative or fun.
  • Easier to do now that Ken’s son’s back in high school, his daughter’s at college, and Steven – Ken’s seeing eye puppy – is at puppy college.
  • Working elsewhere in the house or – gasp – his actual work office.
  • Maybe get a Gaslands Refueled game together in October?

Chamber of Infinite Realities

  • David finished Cyberpunk 2077. Now he’s trying out the variant endings

The (Pen & Paper) Matrix

  • Approaching critical mass for a Cyberpunk RED game.
  • Ken agrees with David; you should be watching Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.
  • It is excellent. Violent, brutal, gory and visually overloading, but excellent.

Portable Arcade

  • David is playing the Call of Cthulhu game on Steamdeck
  • It’s nice to sit on the couch or in a comfy chair and play
  • It gets him out of his office so he don’t feel like he is trapped there for work and fun
  • Cyberpunk 2077 has been working just fine on it so far
  • Slime Rancher 2 is the next test of the system

Star Wars: Andor

Galactic Tabletop

  • Spelljammer and Star Wars gaming update
    • Our short run of Spelljammer has run into some phlogiston trouble and has slowed down
    • David believes he is starting to hit his stride with Star Wars game planning and have a plot arc that would define the campaign

Main Topic: Travel and RPGs

  • How travel and other cultures can both help your game and your real life?
  • Traveling to Porto, Portugal for work
  • Exploring the U.S.: Montana, Utah, New Mexico, Alaska


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Porto city hall and plaza by night. Credit: David Moore.

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