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S3E6 Cyberpunk Brainstorming

As we gear up for our Cyberpunk RED campaign, we take some time to brainstorm ideas for for the game (If only reality didn’t keep getting more cyberpunk-ish than cyberpunk).

Over in the library, we discuss William Gibson’s Count Zero, then venture to the Game Room to talk about Forbidden Lands, CY_BORG, Mothership, and the just announced Edgerunners release for Cyberpunk RED.


Game Room

  • New RPGs
    • Did Ken say he’ll stop buying new RPGs until he’s read the ones he has? But how will he support Sweden’s economy if he does that?
    • Forbidden Lands … now in English!
      • A hexcrawl, sandbox fantasy RPG exploring a once-cursed land, still haunted land.
      • Ken got the Swedish version (accidentally) in June as part of a Free League’s sale.
      • English version was back ordered … and arrived in November.
    • CY_BORG
      • The science fiction iteration of MORK BORG.
      • Similar aesthetic, only this time, it’s an apocalyptic cyberpunk book
      • Arrives later in November (already have the PDF … but reading the physical book is more fun.
    • Cyberpunk RED
      • Edgerunners release is coming!
    • Mothership
      • The lightweight horror RPG arrives sometime in Q1 of 2023. For now, Ken’s got the WIP versions of two modules: Dead Planet and A Pound of Flesh.
    • Cyberpunk Screamsheets kit and the weird world of cascading style sheets
      • In order to learn the latest in CSS, David worked with Mr. Miller to convert the Screamsheet kit to web form
      • Fan created scream sheets

Main Topic: Cyberpunk Brainstorming

  • Matt Colville – handing the players a small list of possible plot arcs they would be interested in
  • Rules for a cyberpunk player
    • Style over substance
    • Attitude is everything
    • Live on the edge
    • Break the rules
  • David’s media character as a possible narrator/documentarian so that he can help plot things with Ken initially
  • Campaign & World Building Ideas
    • Offshore sea stead of Makers trying to forge their own tech in the shadow of resurgent corporations. Corps stealing from Makers?


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Cover art for Cyberpunk RED. Credit: R. Talsorian Games

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