Gamma World cover art featuring a humanoid wielding a variety of high tech weapons riding a tiger-like beast.

S1E1 – Gamma World, 10Ks, Top 3 New RPGs

Welcome to the first episode of the podcast that didn’t know it’s own name! On this episode, David and Ken introduce themselves before venturing into the irradiated wastes of Gamma World. Running’s a good strategy when confronted by hyperintelligent carrotfolk; it’s also a good way to stay healthy, as Ken talks about his 10K training program. Finally, we run down the Top 3 New Role-playing Games that we like, including Alien, Tales from the Loop, and  The Flux. 

  • Gamma World Hex Crawl
  • Kicking off a 10K training program
    • Ken likes to run, so he’s starting a 10K training program.
    • Based on the Runners World 10K Training Plan
    • It’s an 8-week program that includes a mix of easy runs, hills, and intervals.
  • Top 3 New RPGs We Like
    • Ken’s Picks
      • Alien by Free League
        • Whether you’re running a haunted house in space or a roller coaster thrill ride, Free League has you covered.
        • The game pits players against alien xenomorphs in either “cinematic mode” (like playing a movie, complete with acts, betrayals, and set characters) and “campaign mode” (which is meant for ongoing play with player-generated characters).
        • There are three boxed set adventures for the game as well the Colonial Marines Operations Manual rules expansion.
      • Star Trek Adventures by Modiphius
        • Role-playing in the final frontier in one of fandom’s most venerable space opera universes.
        • Uses the 2d20 system (Mutant Chronicles, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, John Carter of Mars and the Infinity RPG.
        • Tons of rule books that let you play in any Star Trek era.
      • Tales from the Loop by Free League
        • Nostalgic role-playing in the 1980s that never were.
        • Game play alternates between kids investigating a supernatural (or super science) mystery and kids  dealing with their home/personal life.
    • David’s Picks
      • Tales from the Loop by Free League
        • See above.
      • The Flux by John Wick Presents
        • A meta game in which experiences from a character in one role playing game can over into subsequent role-playing games.
      • Scum and Villainy by Evil Hat Productions
        • A space opera / space fantasy game based on the Blades in the Dark rule set.
        • Retains the job/heist based focus of Blades in the Dark
        • Think The Mandalorian, Firefly, and other “crews trying to survive on the edge of space”-style shows and movies.
        • Check out our Scum and Villainy Actual Play series.
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  • Featured Image Meta
    • Cover art for Gamma World, 2nd Edition. Credit: TSR

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