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S1E13 Venturing into the RPG Vault

It may be early fall in the current timeline, but in the Lair of Secrets winter’s freezing grasp can still be felt. In this episode, Ken and David venture into the digital halls of the RPG Vault to see what hidden treasures can be found in their DriveThruRPG collections.

David’s adding more books in LIbrary 64

  • Harrow the Ninth by Tamsyn Muir
    • Enjoyable, but not as fun as Gideon the Ninth
    • Will be reading the next book in the series
  • Damoren by Seth Skorkowsky
    • Seth – YouTube gaming advice
    • Fun book of urban fantasy, interested in the next one
  • Penrick and the Shaman by Lois McMaster Bujold
    • Second novella of Penrick in the world of the Five Gods setting

Bullet Journaling

  • New bullet journal – first time doing the milestone of going from one journal to the next and reviewing the last year

In the Vandermore Game Room

  • David’s gaming woes have seemed to be lessening
  • Games are going off more regularly
  • Found a group of old friends who had room in their group
  • Just ordered Burning Wheel after hearing about it for years

The Arcade

The RPG Book Pile

  • Ken may have too many books…
  • Scum and Villainy
    • Published by Evil Hat
    • Ken bought it based on David’s description – Blades in the Dark … IN SPACE!
  • Tome of Beasts II
    • Published by Kobold Press
    • More monsters for D&D 5e. So many more monsters…
  • Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
    • Published by Wizards of the Coast
    • Horror meets D&D in the frozen north of the Forgotten Realms.
  • Destroyer of Worlds
    • Published by Free League
    • Boxed set adventure for Free League’s Alien Role-playing Game
  • Fate of Cthulhu
    • Published by Evil Hat
    • Time travelers try to prevent the rise of a Great Old One. Once again, Ken has David to thank for wanting to get this
  • Those Dark Places
    • Published by Osprey Roleplaying
    • Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying
  • Monster of the Week
    • published by Evil Hat
    • Think BuffySupernatural, and other ongoing creature feature serials

The Chamber of Fate

  • Our Army Corps of Engineers: Special Operations Group campaign continues.
  • Ken Got to run hisfirst game of Fate.
  • He’s still getting his head around world building via Aspects.
  • It’s easy to fall back into simple skill checks (e.g. aid another – that’s a check that creates an Aspect – something that is true in the setting – that players can use). Instead of “make a skill check” in Savage Worlds or “you help them” (no check) in D&D.
  • Mystery writing is hard.

Venturing into the RPG Vault


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Cover art from a few of the RPGs we looked at during this episode. Copyright their respective publishers.

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