Students of magic, including a humanoid owl - prepare to attend class.

S2E15 Talking with the Younger Generation

On this episode of Lair of Secrets, our loyal denizens are preparing the deepest level of the dungeon to imprison whomever thought up “Natural Scrolling” for the Mac. Meanwhile, David ventured to the Ohio frontier with his family to watch his youngest win 2nd place in the world in Winter Guard A Class!

Feature: Talking with the Younger Generation

Tonight we are joined by David’s eldest daughter Isleen to talk about her experiences in gaming and contrasting it with what Ken and I grew up with. She is also pushing back the D&D game she had tonight to talk with us for a while (so thanks for joining us, Isleen!)

  • How did you get started in gaming?
  • How do you normally game?
  • What games do you usually play?
    • Mostly D&D aside from the occasional game of the Fluxx card game with family.
  • What is the size of your main gaming group?
    • Primary gaming group – approximately 8 people.
    • Don’t really see each other’s faces; mostly voice.
    • Still get people who hang back, and the dungeon master will try and get them to engage.
  • How many gaming groups do you participate in?
    • Two campaigns, same set of friends.
  • How do you find people to game with?
    • Met people through mutual friends.
  • Why Dungeons & Dragons?
    • Came to it organically.
  • What’s your style of play?
    • Strixhaven campaign (five magical houses)
    • Focuses more on role-playing than combat.
  • People’s impression of D&D?
    • D&D is pretty much normalized these days.
    • There are a lot of podcasts that are streaming D&D (Critical Role, Adventure Zone).
    • Got more and more people into.
  • Advice for how to get started?
    • Google is your friend!
  • How did you learn D&D?
    • Little rusty – so rely on friends or look it up through D&D Beyond or online resources.
    • D&D Beyond lets the DM share their books/rules.


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Students attending Strixhaven Academy. Credit: Wizards of the Coast.

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