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S2E21 Season 2 Retrospective, Star Trek, Honey Heist, Obi-Wan

In the final episode of Season 2, we talk about exploring strange new worlds, meeting new civilizations, and then … blowing them up. We also delve into the game Nobody Saves the World, undertake an ursine caper to steal some honey, geek out about the Obi-wan streaming series, and look back on the season that was.

  • The Brick Room
    • LEGO Star Wars
      • Ken played through the original games with his kids when they were little
      • Expected a remaster of those games plus some new content from the sequel trilogy
      • What we got is a whole new game, filled with classic LEGO fun, lots of Star Wars in-jokes, and oh so much nostalgia for Ken’s family
  • The Holo Deck
  • The Arcade
    • Nobody Saves the World
      • Fun top down exploration and fighting game with shapeshifting magic
      • Made by the developers of Guacamelee
      • A good couch co-op with David’s youngest daughter
  • The Game Room
    • Honey Heist
      • Successful heisting of black orchid honey from both humans and from a certain red shirt wearing but legally distinct roly poly bear
  • The Streaming Annex
    • Obi-Wan Disney+ series
      • Lots of online drama over the focus on Obi Wan with young Leia
      • If you really think about A New Hope, Leia knew Obi Wan, but Luke has no clue who he is

Main Topic: Season 2 Retrospective


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The promotional poster for Obi-Wan Kenobi.

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